Dunlop Sport Maxx TT  


The Dunlop Sport Maxx TT is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

Features and benefits:
  • Asymmetric tread design delivers exceptional control and stability for aquaplaning and cornering
  • Hybrid overlay technology that significantly reduces deformation a high speeds. This provides an even wear on the tyre for improved mileage and better handling
  • Buffer zone provides protection from kerbing alloys
  • Dual Silica compound guarantees low wear and tear, improved braking and acceleration and high grip
  • Silica-plus tread compound, derived from motorsport provides an improved dispersion high adherence. Provides excellent braking and acceleration, high grip and low wear and tear
  • Nanoparticels of racing black carbon offer superior braking grip, precise handling, wet traction, improved wear and smoother straight to curve transmission
  • Kevlar pulp fibre is integrated in to the side wall axpex making it stiffer This improves the quality of driving precision and road feedback

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Product code: Dunlop-Sport-Maxx-TT

All Sizes  

17 Inch Tyres
245/40 R17 W (91 XL runflat) *RSC £151.00
225/45 R17 W (91 XL runflat) *RSC £93.00
225/45 R17 W (91 XL) MO £78.00
225/45 R17 Y (91 XL) MO £78.00
255/45 R17 W (98 XL runflat) *RSC £201.00
225/50 R17 W (94 XL runflat) *RSC £124.00
235/55 R17 W (103 XL) £121.00
225/60 R17 V (99 XL) * £114.00
225/60 R17 V (99 runflat) *RSC £157.00
18 Inch Tyres
215/45 R18 W (89 XL) £116.00
245/50 R18 W (100 XL) £138.00

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