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The Dunlop SportMaxx RT is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

The new Sport Maxx RT (Racing Technology) road tyre, designed especially for the driving enthusiast, will deliver to the needs of the continent's most passionate driving aficionados, who savor the feeling of being in control of significant horsepower and dream of being in pole position at some of the world's most prestigious races.

Braking Blocks:

Massive outer shoulder:

"The Dunlop heritage stands on its achievement in racing and with the driving enthusiast on the road", states Sanjay Khanna, Managing Director, Dunlop Brand. "Today we are launching a new breed in the field of performance road driving with the Sport Maxx RT. It combines the very best of our over 120 years of experience on the track and on the road. It is a tyre with heritage and power is just bursting to get out".

The new tyre has been developed to deliver performance to the road, with racing technology knowhow integrated into the tyre's design and development. On road surfaces, the Sport Maxx RT delivers enhanced grip, thanks to its motorsport derived compound, which provides increased adaptability to road surfaces, improving the tyre's overall grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The tyre also delivers a high handling stability, built on its massive outer shoulder block, increasing the contact area when cornering, especially at high speeds.

On wet the Sport Maxx RT delivers the necessary performance to the road, building on its racing heritage. The tyre features solid aquaplaning performances built on a set of large central grooves which increase water flow volumes. A round footprint allows the water flow to be pushed out via the lateral grooves, ensuring the tyre delivers its performance to the road, and not the water surface.

A shorter braking distance, especially at high speed is delivered by short-braking blocks, set into the tread pattern of the tyre. These blocks, re-enforced by lateral blocks ensure an anti-lift effect on the trailing edge thanks to their increased stiffness. Supporting the need for reduced fuel consumption are both the optimal material distribution, supporting the reduction of heat generation and aerodynamic sidewall, and sleek shoulders which reduce air drag.

Recent TÜV tests run with the new Sport Maxx RT confirm the tyre's solid road capabilities. Compared to its closest competitors, the Sport Maxx RT showed it could outclass on both dry and wet braking results by showing a significant 7% lead. Additionally, the independent tests showed a clear 11% better rolling resistance, compared to its key competitors on the market .

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