Dunlop Winter Sport 4D  


The Dunlop Winter Sport 4D is a Ultra High Performance Winter tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

The new Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D incorporates a range of innovative new technologies designed to enhance safety and provide the feedback that gives the driver confidence in the wide range of winter conditions.

  • Increased Grip in Snow and Ice
  • Designed to excel in the rain
  • Engineered for performance and road feedback
  • Low weight means more performance – and efficiency
  • Building on proven success
  • Wide range of sizes to suit most performance cars

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Product code: Dunlop-Winter-Sport-4D

All Sizes  

16 Inch Tyres
205/55 R16 H (91 XL) MO £94.00
195/65 R16 H (92 XL) * £106.00
17 Inch Tyres
205/45 R17 V (88 XL runflat) *RSC £164.00
245/45 R17 H (99 XL) MO £167.00
225/50 R17 H (94 XL runflat) *RSC £150.00
225/55 R17 H (101 XL) £131.00

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