Michelin Energy Saver  


The Michelin Energy Saver is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

Recommended for City cars, Saloon cars and MPVs.

Features and benefits:
  • Reduces running costs saving you money on fuel. Up to 80 litres over the life of the tyres! (for petrol vehicles compared to its main European competitors).
  • Safety- A shorter braking distance of up to 3 metres on average on a wet road, compared to its predecessor MICHELIN ENERGY TM E3A.
  • Impressive longevity lasting up to 6,000 miles more on average, compared to its main European competitors.
  • Respects the environment as longer-lasting tyres result in fewer worn tyres to recycle!

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Product code: Michelin-Energy-Saver

All Sizes  

15 Inch Tyres
175/65 R15 H (88 XL) * £79.00
195/65 R15 H (91) MO £72.00
16 Inch Tyres
205/55 R16 H (91) MO £83.00
205/60 R16 V (92) MO £121.00

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