Radar RPX800  


The Radar RPX800 is a High Performance Summer tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

The Asymmetric Tread Pattern features three tread designs rolled into one for an incredible all round tyre. The outside portion of the tread design has a higher rubber to void ratio for stability while cornering. The centerline of the tire has a continuous solid rib for better directional stability, braking and acceleration at all speeds.
  • The Asymmetric tread design has a higher rubber to void ratio on the outer shoulder achieving higher levels of cornering performance.
  • The use of one or two High Modulus cap belts (depending on size) atop of two strong flexible steel belts ensures even wear and firm contact with the road.
  • Lower rolling resistance compound and belt package make this an eco friendly tire.
  • Increased Size Range for more fitments on OEM and Replacement.

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Product code: Radar-RPX800

195/40 R17  

Sorry, the Radar RPX800 doesn't come in 195/40 R17

All Sizes  

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