Uniroyal RainExpert  


The Uniroyal RainExpert is a High Performance Summer tyre designed for Passenger Cars.

Features and benefits:
  • Double-concave shaped grooves design and larger groove volume in the tread centre assist smooth water flow through the grooves and improves water dispersion and protection against aquaplaning
  • Impressive stopping distances in both the wet and dry
  • Visual Alignment Indicator aides you in checking the tyres are correctly aligned to provide even wear and high mileage

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Product code: Uniroyal-RainExpert

All Sizes  

13 Inch Tyres
175/70 R13 H (82) £51.00
14 Inch Tyres
175/60 R14 H (79) £56.00
185/70 R14 H (88) £59.00
17 Inch Tyres
225/65 R17 H (102) £85.00

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